GNU Social is a social network for microblogging (like Twitter) which is free software and decentralized. This means that no one, person or company, controls the network, because anyone can run their own server which is able to interact with other servers, that’s what we call federation. You can get more information about GNU Social in the following links:

Posting a new status using GnuSocialShell v1.3.0 under GNU/Linux


GnuSocialShell is a simple text-based GNU Social client that I’ve been developing since the summer of 2016. It is designed to work on the terminal/shell environments of Unix-like Operating Systems (like GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, Haiku, …). It is written in C and is free software licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v3. Useful documentation:

Here also you can find other interesting links:

GnuSocialShell v2.0 “Minyatur”

In the next months I will start developing the version 2.0 of GnuSocialShell, codenamed “Minyatur“, which will be a bit different from current versions. Is there any feature that you wish to have in Minyatur? If so, please email me (dalmemail _at_ amaya _dot_ tk), ping me at GNU Social ( or open a new issue in the GitHub repo about it.